Upon awakening this morning, the recognition that there is much opportunity to invest in ourselves throughout our day presented to me:
Listening to our own inner voice beyond the many thought forms (sine waves of thought sent out by one another as a collective consciousness), remembering what we already know, allowing ourselves to unfold our innate Divinity as Sovereign Beings with honor, grace, respect grounds/anchors, heals, nurtured and fortifies us.
Investing in ourselves in this way requires fortitude, integrity, fierce compassion, resolve and commitment to have the fun we are here to have, to play, to use our inner codes to create patterns which bless our own hearts and others by our Presence with ourselves…this stance automatically, easily, effortlessly is the causality of our ability to truly mind our own business, to let others mind theirs, physically and energetically…
There is much talk of letting go, moving forward~Naturally, we do: Allowing ourselves, allowing one another, to Be, is a responsive manner of co-creating which moves us out of forcing things (as if we can truly force a thing)…it is Natural to be responsive…it is being in flow, or, harmony, with Nature, with All That Is, which transcends placing Humanity as our singular focus, puts us all “in our place”: a joyful happenstance! We are better able to dance with one another from this position ?
May each of us responsively expand our innate Divine Essence through our Soul Vehicles (our exquisite bodies), absorbing and transforming all disharmonious vibrations within and around us into Creative Love Energy~an exhibition of Compassion in action ?
Love and Blessings ?
Ann Renée

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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