Conversations Connect

Conversations occur between people on a regular basis! We notice that when two or more people meet together and begin connecting with their energy fields, first. Our Souls talk and then we use our voices. When we are listening both to what we are saying and the other is saying, we recognize how to respond through presence with wisdom.

This response can be an action, verbal expression or, inaction and silence. Verbal expression is the external form of exchange we have with one another at certain dimensional levels. When we begin to recognize ourselves as communicators at the thought and emotion level, we have little use for verbal words: we connect through symbolism, imagery and heart-felt, conscious emotion! Isn’t that something!

Heart-Centered Conversation

Conversations usually involve speaking and listening in turn~one of us will say a thing, the other listens to what is being said as well as listening within, then responds. We take turns expressing our thoughts, feelings, viewpoints, perspective, sharing our Soul’s wisdom which has integrated the information our minds have gathered with a healthy ego assisting. This standpoint can be referred to as the “ego-less state”, meaning there is no negative ego, no sense of separation which is all about heart-centered, mindful communication.

The healthy mind/ego filters what’s coming towards us as a servant would, as in the recent “days of old” when  Kings and Queens had Royal Tasters to test their food in case it were poisoned. The cool thing about having a healthy mind/ego is that “they” don’t get killed from the poison, rather, act as filters, protecting us from taking things personally. This helps us to transmute it with Love, Wisdom and Power, into something creative.

Creative Conversation

The “poison” in the context of conversations can be identified through subject-matter and intention. Gossip, slander and libel are three main poisonous forms of conversation. So, what is gossip? It is sharing information about another person that is no one’s business~private, intimate, sacred. We can even gossip about ourselves! How about slander and libel? Slander is simply gossip with judgments attached while libel is slander with purposeful malicious intent.

We can find ourselves in conversations which have layers of these components, depending on the level of compassion (judgment-free awareness), neutrality/objectivity, mastery and maturity we have cultivated. When we discuss a matter at hand which is appearing  problematic, with a creative solution or, course of action to take, which leads to the highest good intended for all involved, conversing becomes a juicy, uplifting, co-creative experience!

Collaborative Conversation

Conversing with others while maintaining a high level of personal integrity requires clarity, discernment and a grounded sense of Self. We offer service to one another by cultivating these communication skills. As we become more proficient with these practices, we find ourselves moving with ease, grace and agility into the higher dimensional levels of communication which flow more smoothly between beings who are connecting in unconditional love and unity consciousness.

As masters of conversation, we collaborate with one another more freely, have a more consistent level of joy in our interactions, are able to celebrate through word-gifts and interactive communication on a broader scale. We become aware of ourselves as conversational artists creating worlds through our co-creative collaborations.

Today, may each experience conversation as expressions of grace, compassion and unconditional love!

In Peace, Joy and Harmony, Love, Wisdom and Power

Ann Renée @)

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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