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Sessions start from $85/hour depending on the type and duration of the session. For more information and advice on the best option for you, please contact me or schedule a FREE introductory session.

Soul Coaching

Establishing and cultivating a partnership with clientele in an intuitive, thought-provoking, creative process through which the opportunity to deepen self-awareness, self-discovery, enhanced personal and professional quality of life is inspired.

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The art of facilitating conversation between the conscious and subconscious minds of clientele through the transpersonal state of relaxation in which the body is relaxed and the mind is very focused in order to deepen self-awareness, release out-dated belief systems and adjust habits to better enhance the quality of life.

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Toe Reading

“The metaphysical understanding that the angle and contour of the toes are the physical manifestations of the path a person’s life has taken…” ~KC Miller, Developer of the Art of Toe Reading

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Soul Tapas

A menu of modalities to supplement Soul Coaching

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Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching is a modality of healing that supports a person with discovering and achieving their life purpose, their personal goals and an appropriate pathway to manifestation.

A Soul Coach uses a variety of tools to assist the client with self-discovery to easily and effortlessly move through areas he or she may feel stuck or blocked.

A Soul Coach may offer suggestions as a result of active listening, yet will refrain from telling a client what to do with respect for the sovereignty of the person, honoring their free will.

Often-times a Soul Coach will use guided imagery, visualization through Hypnotherapy, gentle Body Movement practices such as a combination of Yoga postures and Middle Eastern Dance movements, forms of, Art such as Collage and Painting along with Oracle/Metaphor cards, crystals and essential oils to support the growth and development the client wishes to cultivate.

I offer my Soul Coaching from a space of mature love, a place of loving safety to guide others through supporting the sovereignty of their Being for their empowerment. It is my mission to peacefully, powerfully hold the space of truth, in service to love, commanding energies for healing with integrity and honor.


Hypnotherapy is a safe method of supporting personal growth, to clarify one’s goals, to overcome mental and/or emotional blocks, to alleviate physical discomfort by accessing the subconscious through achieving an altered state of consciousness using questions of discovery, relaxation, visual imagery.

Hypnosis can assist with changing behavior, with getting to the “root cause” of a problem, and anyone can do it.  Sessions are generally 60 to 75 minutes long with 8 consecutive sessions conducted over the course of 8 weeks, with 4 monthly follow-up sessions. During the session, the client is in complete control~a person’s subconscious will not allow them to do anything they are uncomfortable with or that which goes against their personal ethics and morals.

Participating in a hypnotherapy session feels relaxing, comforting, empowering and refreshing. A session consists of a pre-induction interview during which, the client and hypnotherapist discuss what the goals of the session are~these can be long or short term~which hypnotherapy tool would be most appropriate to use once we have discovered what the goals and intentions are. There are simple, practical and safe methods to apply in the event a past trauma presents itself which will allow room for healing to occur and new direction to be sought out. Each person’s subconscious knows what they need most when it is wise to reveal information the person needs to move forward on their path of healing as well as bringing to remembrance over the course of time that which is necessary to achieve the goals at the proper and most advantageous time.

Sometimes a person will feel so relaxed and go so deeply into their subconscious that they will fall asleep~the subconscious is doing deep and private work within the person during these times. At the time of re-awakening, the hypnotherapist uses direct and gentle words to bring the client back into the present~no one has ever gotten stuck in hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is designed to elicit the highest good for the client, to bring new understanding, healing and appropriate action to a client’s beliefs about their past experiences as it is not possible to erase memories from the subconscious, instead, reframing how we view them.

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative effort that is made on both the client’s and the practitioner’s part for the client’s highest good.

Toe Readings

Discover the path your life has taken with a toe reading.

Toe reading is the art of studying the effects of one’s path and honoring your soul’s developmental process…

A Toe Reader is someone who honors the stories coded in the toes and is spiritually and emotionally available to unlock the storyline stored in the cells of the body, specifically stored in the hologram of the toes

KC Miller, Developer of the Art of Toe Reading

“My toe reading was insightful and useful. Renee is thorough and knowledgable.”

Brenda Lee

Soul Tapas

Choose from a cornucopia of modalities to support your spiritual life…


  • House Blessings
  • Cord Cutting/Clearings
  • Unions/Marriages
  • Returns/Divorces
  • Welcomes/Baptisms
  • Funerals/Life Celebrations
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Shadow Healing and Integration


  • Goddess Oracle
  • Astrology: Horary, Mayan, Human Design
  • Symbolism: Animal, Plant, Color
  • Numerology

Soul Art:

  • Paper/Mixed Media
  • Collage
  • Personal Oracle Cards
  • Greeting Cards
Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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