The Base of Set~the one who betrayed Osiris, the Crown Chakra~who challenges our beliefs, our devotion and loyalty to ourselves, one another, to Love-Wisdom-Power is supported in the healing of the fear, darkness, manufactured manipulations which seeded this fear in the first place!
The descending of the Highest Vibrations of Cosmic Elements trough our Crowns to our bases in order to establish our connection with our Base or Root Chakra, descending into Mother Earth’s Crystal Core to anchor our Love Light with Hers challenges us to trust the process of ascension.
Root Chakra: Set … Bloeduewedd/Lough … Shakti
Sacral Chakra: Hathor … Pelé…Shiva
Solar Plexus: Ra…All the Suns~The Great Central Sun and even more than that…Sekhmet…Every Council that resonates with divine personal power ?
Heart Chakras: personal love/universal love: Isis.
Throat Chakra: Truth, Isis, Thoth, Melchizedek.
Third Eye:  Omri Tas, Horus
Crown Chakra: Osiris, Sothis, Lady of the Sun/The Lake.
Source from  the Soul Star on up.

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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