We are at the very beginning of the New Moon in Scorpio wth the Sun in the House of Scorpio, too!
Our intentions at the New Moon~a time of intending and creating~whether we are conscious of them or not, contribute to our unfolding experiences which fully present st the Full Moon in two weeks (opportunities to adjust our approach with the First Quarter Moon Phase a week from now)…with so much Scorpio energy, we are likely to encounter opportunities to transform our perspective through getting to the bottom of every perceived conflict, to the core, the roots, of the matter of whatever we are involved with that is important to us, to find creative solutions and express our loyalty, devotion, protection of our Being, personhood and those in our lives who are important to us.
Gentle, yet fierce, Scorpio energy will not allow betrayal of self, loved ones, or projects one is nurturing along: watch out for Scorpio’s sting when boundaries are crossed!
Sensuous, loving, strong, resilient and agile, Scorpio navigates the depths of emotion, spiritual mysteries, the murkier territories within and around with grace and ease.
The shadow aspects (unacknowledged feelings thoughts or aspects of the self which are perceived as undesirable, therefore relegated to  internal “closets” with locks on them) of Scorpio can present as overly possessive and jealous behavior, high drama, over-sensitivity and cruel or cutting words…when this is recognized, Scorpio is quick to acknowledge, to  rectify behavior through taking responsibility, therefore reclaiming power from the situation.
Moon Phases also correlate to the seasons of the year, in the big picture: We are in Autumn, harvesting the fruits of our labors, preparing for celebrating together in our family, friends and community circles, sharing with one another the variety of goodies we have co-created throughout the year, as well as preparations being made for the Winter season…this time of year is akin to the Last Quarter Moon Phase which lends itself to crises of consciousness when out of balance~this helps to navigate our holiday gatherings with Presence so as to clear away our own imbalances, bringing harmony to our loved ones and community, also, wrapping things up as the year comes to a close, the Winter season which can be recognized as the annual New Moon Phase.
Many blessings of Healing, Transformation, Love and Joy ?

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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