We are at a beautiful Full Moon transitioning from Aries to Taurus, while the Sun transitions from Libra to Scorpio~Independent go-getter Aries gives way to slow and steady Taurus, while the Sun shifts from diplomatic peacemaker Libra to mystery-solving Scorpio…What we have birthed in our lives at the New Moon two weeks ago is manifesting! With the Full Moon in Taurus, we experience an earthy peacefulness, simplicity and gentle connection with one another. With the Sun in Scorpio, we have powerful transformative energy getting to the bottoms of things, at our fingertips! What wonderful aspects we are encountering! Balancing is always key~finding the middle ground between the planetary aspects and how these impact our daily lives as we are connected with the movements of the planets, moons, suns and stars~We are made of the same materials! When we know our own aspects as well as what is happening in the Galaxy, the Universe, we are better equipped to work with the forces in motion more consciously, therefore actively co-creating a lifestyle that serves our Highest Good, aligning with others who are doing the same. To discover what your astrological natal chart is,(star talk birth certificate, really), visit www.alabe.com. For more information on what is happening on the Galactic and Universal level, visit www.cafeastrology.com/this_week_in_astrology
Many Blessings of Love Light, Abundantly to All of You!
Love, Ann Renée ?????

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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