We are heading toward a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Pisces, completing on Sunday morning!
There are four major moon phases each month: New (Dark) Moon: We can know this phase to correspond to Midnight; First Quarter Moon: We can know this phase to correspond to Sunrise; Full Moon: We can know this phase to correspond to Noon; Last Quarter Moon: We can know this phase to correspond to Sunset.
The New Moon phase is indicative of dreaming, entering the depths of our within being (our unconscious), integrating our recent experiences into wisdom, organizing to nurture our creations as well as bring forward new creations from the place of wisdom. When we have a Solar Eclipse at this Moon phase, it gives us great opportunity to “deep sea dive” using our intuition as a guide, embracing the perceived dark within, allowing ourselves to be comfortable with what is briefly eclipsed (obscured from view) even in our dreaming state. It is particularly exciting as this Solar Eclipse is in the water sign, Pisces, the oldest sign of  The Zodiac (The Zoo)! Pisces symbolizes universal wisdom, going with the flow, acceptance, seeing beauty in imperfection, selfless love, compassion, devotion, altruism and intuitive understanding. Water symbolizes the Feminine, the Womb, the Ocean, the cycle of Life-Death-Life, Emotion, Endings and New Beginnings.
We have entered the House of Pisces, the Fish, and with the upcoming New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Pisces, we have an excellent opportunity to allow ourselves to dream, explore, release, create, expand our love through connecting with our essence more deeply. We are invited to enter the flow of Universal Love, Wisdom and Power without forcing, refining our attunement to our innate divinity, palpably connecting with our natural rhythms and cycles which results in enjoyment, peace and joy!
May your House and your Zoo be blessed with grace and compassion at all times 😉
Love and Blessings,
Ann Renée Graham

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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