It has come to my attention, again, that a peaceful society is one that is Matrifocal:
What this means is placing our focus on nurturing the Divine Mother/Father that we each inherently are rather than putting one or the other aspect as the central or dominating focal point.
It is about The Way of the Circle, The Laughing Way~
No one is in authority over any of us: we share our power with one another for our mutual benefit, allow one another to unfold our beauty, gifts, wisdom, intelligence embracing one another with confidence, joy and acceptance…
We, standing together in a circle, place what is important on the table and work together in cultivation of the Highest Good with creativity, respect for ourselves and one another as is our Divine and Human inheritance.
It is empowering, returns projections and commands the taking of responsibility for ourselves, for others to do the same~it is modeled to us by the Ancient Ones: We Are the Ancient Ones ?
Any time we put someone else in authority over us, we have given our power away to this one.
Let us reclaim our power and return the authority to ourselves so as to no longer enable distraction, unhealthy relationship, or to empower fear-based belief mechanisms, in this Now moment
Love and Blessings,
Ann Renée ?

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

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