Wisdom of The Day: May 30, 2019: Conversations

Wisdom of The Day: May 30, 2019: Conversations

When we are listening both to what we are saying and the other is saying, we recognize how to respond through presence with wisdom. This response can be an action, verbal expression or inaction and silence. Verbal expression is the external form of exchange we have with one another at certain dimensional levels.

Matrifocal vs Matriarchal/Patriarchal

It has come to my attention, again, that a peaceful society is one that is Matrifocal: What this means is placing our focus on nurturing the Divine Mother/Father that we each inherently are rather than putting one or the other aspect as the central or dominating focal...

Wisdom for Today: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Upon awakening this morning, the recognition that there is much opportunity to invest in ourselves throughout our day presented to me: Listening to our own inner voice beyond the many thought forms (sine waves of thought sent out by one another as a collective...


The Base of Set~the one who betrayed Osiris, the Crown Chakra~who challenges our beliefs, our devotion and loyalty to ourselves, one another, to Love-Wisdom-Power is supported in the healing of the fear, darkness, manufactured manipulations which seeded this fear in...

Moon Phase

We are at the very beginning of the New Moon in Scorpio wth the Sun in the House of Scorpio, too! Our intentions at the New Moon~a time of intending and creating~whether we are conscious of them or not, contribute to our unfolding experiences which fully present st...

Moon Phase

Following the Moon Phases, living in alignment with them, creates an opportunity to experience a balanced, peaceful, joyful, harmonious lifestyle

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